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Spring Branch Family Development Center
8575 Pitner, Houston, Texas 77080

The Spring Branch Family Development Center is located in the north east corner of Spring Branch in 8575 Pitner.


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Spring Branch Family Development Center

Back to School Health Fair
Saturday August 23, 2014

8 am to 12 noon

 We are having the Back to School Health Fair again this year thanks to the support of the Spring Branch Management District, Walmart, Spring Branch Independent School District, Memorial/Spring Branch Rotary Club, Texas Children's Health Plan, City of Houston, Blue Cross Blue Shield Care Van, the National Charity League and many local volunteers that come together to make this event a fantastic event. If you would like to volunteer to help just download the Volunteer Form and return it. We appreciate your support!

The Spring Branch Family Development Center appreciates the ongoing financial contributions from its donors.  Your financial support makes it possible for us to continue providing much needed services at the Center.  If you you wish to make a contribution you can use the button on the left.  It will take you to a secure PayPal page to complete the transaction.  Thank you for your support.

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Safety tips for Families

Keep Sleep Safe for your Baby

(by Susan Hirtz)

As September is Baby Safety Month, think about the risks to babies during their primary activity: sleeping. The main reason that healthy infants who survive the newborn period die is because of SIDS or asphyxiation.

Between 2000 and 2004, 201 infants in Harris County died of asphyxiation, possible asphyxiation or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).*

  • At least 33 of these infants were sleeping in an adult bed with others.
  • 45 of these infants were either smothered by objects in the bed or “laid over.” Bedding, plastic bags and sleeping companions can smother infants, especially those too young to lift their heads.
  • 5 infants choked or strangled. Choking on formula, as when bottles are propped, can be a hazard. Any object small enough to go through a toilet paper roll can choke a baby. Strings—like those used for crib toys—that are longer than 8 inches can wrap around their necks.
  • 121 infants died of SIDS.

Many mothers sleep with their babies to make breastfeeding easier. They feel sure they would wake up if they rolled over on the child. However, all mothers of young children are exhausted from time to time. If the mother breastfeeds, she should remain awake and return her baby to the crib when the feeding is over. If she prefers to have the baby close by while she sleeps, she might consider a bassinet, cradle or portable play yard that meets industry standards.

Here are tips parents can use to help their babies sleep more safely:

  • Always place the baby on his or her back to sleep.

  • Place the baby on a firm mattress, such as in a safety-approved crib. Keep soft toys out of reach. Pillows, comforters and other soft bedding can be a hazard.

  • Avoid putting the baby to sleep on an adult bed, waterbed, sofa or other soft surface.

  • Don’t allow smoking in the home.

  • Make sure the baby’s face and head stay uncovered during sleep. It’s best to dress the baby in a one-piece sleeper and not use covers at all.

To download child safety educational materials in English or Spanish on this and 14 other safety topics, go to  

* data from the Harris County Child Fatality Review Team.



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